cds1421 - Container Depot System and Ramp M&R System

CDS1421 is a depot system for Container, Chassis, Tank, Reefer or Trailer Depots, which processes imformation simply and efficiently, even by those with little previous computer experience.

The Ramp1421 Maintenance and Repair system is designed to bolt onto a depot's existing Depot Management system. The features it shares with cds1421 are highlighted below.

Here's a brief list of some of the features included in the CDS1421: -

Depot - The system is scalable from single user, to multi-user, to multi-site. Multi-site depots can store their data centrally & link their sites either via the Internet, or Wide Area Networks..
Customer - CDS1421 holds client data including: EDI preferences, Storage & handling rates empty & laden). Labour rates, M&R tariff, Address & invoice format. CDS1421 stores acceptance & release instructions, by size, type or individual container ID, showing outstanding balances & overbookings. .
Acceptance & release - CDS1421 stores acceptance & release instructions, by size, type or individual container ID, showing outstanding balances & overbookings..
Gate movements - Gate movements in/out by Truck, Rail, Ship or Barge. Check digit validation eliminates the possibility of incorrect data & further system checks ensure containers are not accepted or released in error.
IN-Cab system (see products) - IN-Cab system connects system to container handlers by wireless showing trucks in to deliver or collect containers. Avoiding the disruption of gate clerks issuing instructions over two way radio.
‘EDI scheduler’ - CDS421 ‘EDI scheduler’ automatically transmits EDI (email too) to every major Shipping line & Leasing company. The scheduler is FREE there are no EDI set up or monthly service charges.
‘Reverse EDI’ - The system handles ‘Reverse EDI’ (messages from the container owner to the depot) Importing COPARN redelivery & release messages & Worder Repair authorisations & modified Westim messages.
Connection to third party systems - The system links automatically with CEDEX Sterling, Transamerica, IAS, Maersk, OOCL Depot Smart, CMA-CGM MARTA, iDex24, IDCS, MSC CREAS & Hapag Lloyds MARS.
‘DepotDat’see products - The ‘DepotDat’ Web Portal allows clients to view their own stock, gate movements & estimates with associated damage photos ‘On Line’. Currently DepotDat is free for rental customers.
Unit status - Unit status is updated automatically. CDS1421 records the full history of every container as it journeys through the depot.
estimate to repair process - CDS1421 handles the entire estimate to repair process using clear drop down menus. Damage Photos are automatically linked to estimates.
Estimating on hand held computers - Since 1984 millions of estimates have been created on our mobile applications. JEI-Once is rated by users as the best system available. Estimates produced ‘in the yard’ (with photos) eliminate double input & delays & errors. Uniquely JEI-Once works even when wireless connection is lost, something web based systems cannot do!.
Estimate coding - DS1421 translate estimates into Hapag Lloyd MARS, CMA MARTA & Cedex codes. Estimators don’t need to learn complicated coding systems, or memorise repair tariffs.
No duplication of effort - CDS1421 automatically exports estimates (coded & priced) into OOCL Depot Smart, Hapag Lloyds MARS. CMA Marta, MSC CREAS, IAS, IDCS & iDex24 eliminating double entry of estimates into two systems.
‘Service work’- The system records & bills ‘Service work’ such as Cleaning, Fuelling, ‘Road Ability’ when no estimate is raised.
Multilingual. Including Spanish & Chinese - Repair mechanic’s work sheets describing repair work to be done can be produced in ANY LANGUAGE!
Reapir invoicing - The system offers a choice of repair invoice layouts.
Storage and handling rates - Tariff’s for all types & sizes for storage & handling (Truck, Rail, Ship & Barge). Free days, TEU count & other 'special' storage calculations are handled.
Managemen reports - .
Links to accounts and stock control packages Links to IRIS Exchequer, Sage, & Quick Books accounts packages.
Domestic Container Rental (see products) - CDS1421 ‘Control’ module deals with the leasing & billing of a depot’s own domestic leasing fleet.
On line technical back-up - On-Line technical back-up is provided by our UK backup team.
Regular free updates - FREE upgrades available to customers with rental or support contracts.
Buy or rent - CDS1421 can be purchased outright or rented for a low fixed monthly fee, which includes support & updates. Rental periods can be as short as one year.
competetive upgrades - We will make an allowance against the cost of renting or purchasing the CDS1421 if you trade in your existing system..