MCY Helsinki

During over twenty years of experience and relationship with John Evans International, it has proved to be very cost effective, easy to use and reliable partner. The most important thing is that we have been able to meet our Customer’s ever changing needs, with all JEI’s features I would recommend it to any Depot in need of a fully functional Container Depot System.

Sami Airaksinen
MCY Helsinki

  Widnes Tank Container Services Ltd

Every day we are still using your container depot system, it is still going strong with over 23 years of use!!”

Steve Beaumont
Widnes Tank Container Services Ltd, Liverpool

  Wheeler Container & Trucking

We have been using our John Evans Depot Program for over 10 years, and using it to full capacity for our Depot Business.  The program is easy to learn the new CDS1421 has more new and advanced features; like estimating with photos and this is only one of many new features, many reports to help run our business and the ability of billing our Customers via EDI.  Excellent customer support system (Mike Entwistle is the best).  Any issues resolved quickly. I would recommend it to others.

Jerry Wytek
Wheeler Container & Trucking, Chicago

  Three Servants

Thank you for your help in my container depot daily communication work. Switching depot system can be a hazard to the busy depot. In the beginning I was concerned whether this package was the item I needed.  After discussing it with you, and hearing your opinions and suggestions I can confirm that the team was professionally handled, my concerns were carefully addressed. The user interface is excellent and easy to work with; not to mention being a non-English speaking country. It only takes a short time to let my staff to make the transition from the old system.   Your follow-up afterward is a further testimonial to me that this was wise choice, and I will be letting everyone I know "John Evans International" is great to deal with and provides a product that is well worth the money.  Thanks again for your support and I looking forward to the CDS1421 to continue to help us complete our daily work in depot communication.

Alfonso Huang
Three Servants, Kaosiung, Taiwan

  Rushfleet Ltd

John Evans International has provided us with an excellent product which is tailored exactly to the needs of our company. They have succeeded in creating a software package that is specific and relevant to our particular needs. It allows us to generate quick stock reports and communicate via EDI with all our major shipping customers. The package is excellent, I would highly recommend to others.

Donal Foley
Rushfleet Ltd, Dublin

  Dixie Transportation Services

We have been using John Evans depot software for over twenty years and have always found that not only do they have the ability but also the willingness to maintain a superior timely product in today’s ever-changing container industry.

Richard Springle
Dixie Transportation Services, Charleston

  Maritime Container Services

After 10 great years, the JEI Depot Management System continues to be a reliable source in our daily communications with our customers. We are especially pleased and thankful for the efficient technical support team, which not only makes resolutions quickly attainable, but also supports specific customer demands.  Among all of JEI's industry based and common sense approaches, we find that to be the most vital in maintaining our business relationships healthy. We are also looking forward to the new CDS1421 to continue to help us achieve our business goals.

Doris Buzaglo
Maritime Container Services, Miami.